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2012 Bulang Village Ancient Tree Raw Puerh

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A very rare treat!  This highly-coveted raw puerh comes from the Spring harvest of a remote Bulang village called Ba Ka Ngoi.  The ethnic Bulang (or Pulang) people in southern Yunnan are largely considered to be the forefathers of tea cultivation.  The pristine mountains surrounding their world are believed to be the very origins of the tea plant! 

Given the remoteness and sheer quality, only a small amount of the precious tea ever leaves the region.  Locals maintain that 2-3 years of ageing perfects its taste, but we can't stop drinking it right now.  A vegetal aroma of sugarcane and fresh hay precedes a unique flavor of earthy mushrooms, complete with a smooth, nutty finish...

Extremely limited quantity!  Sourced exclusively for us by the famous explorer and author of The Ancient Tea Horse Road, Jeff Fuchs...

Notes:         sugarcane, shiitake, walnut

Infusion:      200ºF / 93ºC for 30 seconds

Origin:         Ba Ka Ngoi, Yunnan Province, China

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Tea Infusion Quantities

So how many cups is 50g of tea? Or 1lb of tea leaves?

The appropriate amount to use depends on the size of the teapot, teacup, or gaiwan, and how much water is being applied.  Typically, an average serving of tea in a small-medium vessel is about 4-6 grams.  Experienced tea drinkers will often use 6-8 grams per serving - with shorter and more frequent infusions.

Therefore, a 50 gram pouch of tea should be good for 8-12 servings of tea.  Depending on the type of tea, however, the leaves can withstand several "steepings", so that 50 gram pouch should allow for 24-50 cups of tea!  And, since a pound (lb) is about 450 grams, a properly steeped pound of tea should produce several hundred cups of tea!


Quantity of Tea

50 grams

100 grams

1 pound


8-12 servings

16-24 servings

70-85 servings

Cups of Tea*

24-50 cups

50-100 cups

200-400 cups

*often depending on the technique of the tea master, time per infusion, and thirst of the drinkers